The BERGER-RIVE vineyard

The vineyard: a source of expression

The Domaine Berger-Rive vineyard covers 22 ha:

  • - 14 ha of it in the south of the Côte de Beaune
  • - 8 ha of it in the north of the Côte Chalonnaise

The vineyards are run in a way that respects sustainable wine-growing, with a desire to bring back traditional methods of cultivation, in particular the manner of digging-over known as “bêchage”.

Sustainable Wine-growingBy restructuring the soil, “bêchage” improves the health of the vine, which are in this way better able to resist disease and the vagaries of the weather. Treatments and fertilizers are thereby significantly reduced. Thanks to this traditional technique, the Domaine’s vineyards no longer suffer from soil erosion. What’s more, the vine roots are forced to go deeper in search of nourishment, which means that they express the characteristics of the soil type all the better.

Two-thirds of our vineyard are planted with high vines, which grow to a height of 2 m, with 2.5 m between rows. Planting using this method produces a healthier environment and hence reduces the pressure of disease, which in turn makes it possible to limit the use of plant treatments. Work in the vineyard is made easier — mechanized work can be done with an ordinary tractor, more stable and manœuvrable than a high-clearance tractor, and manual work no longer involves bending down, which is much more comfortable for the workers.

Plan of the vineyard