The History of BERGER-RIVE

Berger-Rive : Family History

Mercey and the Berger family

In the hamlet of Mercey, part of the parish of Cheilly-les-Maranges, there stands a Priory, built by the monks from Cluny in the 13th century. And this is where it all began…

At the time of the French Revolution, Mercey Priory was bought up by the ancestors of the BERGER family. A large area of the local hillsides was already covered with vines.

The first half of the 20th century was a very difficult time for this area: first of all, Burgundy was not spared when the phylloxera crisis wiped the entire European wine-growing region off the map, and then the two World Wars, with between them a serious economic crisis in the 1930s. The region’s wine-growers moved to town, in Le Creusot, to retrain for work in industry.

Jacques and Gérard Berger At the end of the Second World War, Jacques BERGER (1894–1984) bought the early 19th century Manoir de Mercey.

In 1960, his son Gérard BERGER gradually turned it into a veritable wine-growing estate by planting 12 ha of vineyards. He added his wife Laure Rive’s name to his own to create the “Domaine Berger-Rive”. In those days, the wines were only sold in bulk, through wholesale wine merchants

In 1977, Xavier BERGER joined his father, and took over running the Domaine Berger-Rive estate when he retired in 1989. He gradually enlarged the Domaine, which today covers 22 ha. He decided to market his wine directly, sold from now on in bottles.